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Area Manager's Agreement

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Nature’s Electric Inc.

neiLite® Area Manager

Get into this growing field dictated by the government.  T12 fluorescent fixtures and bulbs are being phased out by a new government law.  There are many of these in schools, malls, government organizations, hospitals, businesses, churches and offices buildings.  Nature’s Electric’s neiLite® bulbs can be used without changing the fixture saving users thousands.  You can get into this growing field by becoming an neiLite ® Area Manager.  You can show customers in your area how to save bundles of money while making money yourself building the business connections.


Here’s how to get in on the profits from the government required changes.  First, hook up with a state of the art company that has 10 years behind it like Nature’s Electric Inc.  We use neiLite® branded LED products which are covered under the Office of Patents and Trademarks.  We have a name that stands for strength, quality and a reputation for excellance.  Next, provide these products that are available on Amazon Prime, but do it at a discounted price.  On top of all that, provide local sales and support for the customers large installed base by showing them how to do a little rewiring and keep their existing fixtures.


The neiLite® Area Manager is a local independent contractor whose job is to locally promote neiLite® branded products from Nature’s Electric Inc.  They are to support sale, distribution, local storage and taxes.  They are to support customer requests and issues.  Advertising is managed nationally, but local Area Managers are encouraged to suggest sales ideas both locally and nationally.


There are only three things you need to do:

 1.  Learn the product.

 2.  Provide a credit card to separate your business finances from your personal.  You can even use a prepaid or debit card. 

 3.  Have a verified location and phone number. 



The opportunity you are being offered is to start your own business selling neiLite® products at a very deep discount to commercial customers in your area.  Your discount will be so good you will be buying neiLite® products cheaper than our Amazon customers.  That includes our discounted and Business customers.  In fact, your cost will be only 70% of what the best normal customer’s will pay for the same quantity.  That means you can sell the product to your commercial customers for 85% of the online price and keep the other 15%.


For example, take our 8 foot neiLite® LED bulbs which cost about $63.00 each to a retail purchaser.  An Area Manager could buy 10 or more for 70% of $63.00 or $44.10 each.   The Area Manager would sell them to a school for 70% plus 15%, or 85% of the full price and keep 15%, or $9.45 for each bulb he sells. An even better price structure is available at higher quantities. We offer business customers a 10% discount if they buy 20 or more bulbs.  So if the Area Manager buys 20 or more bulbs, they get 10% off each bulb making them $56.70 each.  Plus then they only pay 70% of that, or end up paying $39.69 for each bulb.


As you can see, there is a tremendous opportunity for a very profitable business that is low risk and very scalable. We require a minimum order of only 10 bulbs at a time to approved Area Managers to provide a 30% discount, and higher quantities receive bulk discounts, then an additional 30% discount.  Bulk orders can also be used to combine quantiy discounts. For example, an Area Manager supplying multiple customer orders can combine the smaller discount quantities to receive higher discounts from Nature's Electric, and keep the difference.


Inbound shipping to your location must be paid by the Area Manager, but this is a small fraction of the discount, and can be minimized with bulk orders. Further, the Area Manager provides delivery to the end customer, and can arrange these services to their best advantage.


The 85% price point is a desired guideline, which ensures the Area Manager will be able to sell neiLite® products at a 15% discount over direct purchases, while providing the Area Manager a 15% markup. If a lower or higher price point works better, the Area Manager can adjust his pricing to improve volume or profit, as best fits the Area Manager's marketing strategy. Note that the Area Manager agreement does prevent direct competition with Nature's Electric, by prohibiting sales through Amazon or to existing Nature's Electric customers.


Receiving & Distribution

The LED bulbs will be shipped to you in bulk packages. They will come in boxes 2', 4' or 8' feet long and can weigh as much as 40 pounds. You should be prepared to receive them, provide storage and transport them to the customer.  Every bulb should be tested prior to delivery to ensure they did not get damaged in shipment.



The area manager should be prepared with some small storage facility. This facility could simply be a room in a house, a garage or shed. It could be a barn or storage unit. The area must be kept dry, in out of the weather. The small area will be used to store supplies and bulbs.  It may or may not be your verified address.



One of the most important parts of area manager education is training. Your training will involve learning everything about the neiLite® product line so that you may show your customers how to use it and install it properly. You will purchase an neiLite® training kit which will consist of fixtures and bulbs which will allow you to learn how to troubleshoot, install and fix the system. The training kit will provide a step-by-step guide to help you along, and when you're done with your training program you can use the lights and fixtures in your own home or shop.



Sales generally come in two forms. Single sales, consisting of 1-4 units from individuals, and multi-unit sale.  Multi-unit sales come from various organizations such as businesses, industrial shops, churches, etc. Generally, multi-unit sales are handled by the local representative whereas the single unit sales are generally handled through our Amazon system.  Local Area managers should concentrate on sale to industrial, commercial and community type businesses and facilities.  They offer the greatest gain for the effort required. The area manager should be familiar with the modification and installation of neiLite® bulbs. They should be familiar with how to convert fixtures from ballasted florescent to neiLite® LED fixtures. They should be familiar with modification and troubleshooting of the revised fixture wiring. The area manager should be ready and able to take samples to customers. They should be familiar with and have a van, truck or car with fold down seats to accommodate neiLite® 8’ LED tubes to carry a couple of bulbs to the client.  This is to show them how they look and what modifications are required.




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